Auto Sport Adria is event aimed to best cars, premium gastronomy and business networking. We gather company owners, managing directors, managers as well as we stimulate business networking.

Auto Sport Adria is an agency that organizes automotive events. You can suggest and send your ideas and wishes, how your gathering or event should look like, using the form.

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Hands on the wheel, a smile on your face!

Mission, Vision and Philosophy


Since our cars are the best, we believe that drivers too can become better that they already are. Not faster but better!


Part with the party to our mutual satisfaction, with smile and tapping shoulders. Until we meet again…


To experience the experience when we innovate, work, provide and deliver something great.

All Inclusive

Each event we organize is All-inclusive. The price of registration fee includes everything – accommodation, gastronomy, parties…

Previous events


Dalmatia Drive vol. 2

After a year, we visited Dalmatia once again.

The drive along the beautiful Adriatic Highway, accompanied by excellent weather, brought us unforgettable sights.

The Dalmatian cuisine captivated us with its traditional flavors at every stage of the journey, and, as always, there was no shortage of entertainment.


Istria Drive vol. 2

We rounded off an unforgettable adrenaline-filled weekend at ASA Istria Drive!

Driving, gastronomy, and fun seamlessly blended, leaving us breathless.

We arrived as drivers but left as adventurers, ready for new challenges. Along a thrilling route, we passed through the stunning landscapes of Istria, feeling the power and freedom of driving.

Our hunger was satisfied with top-notch gastronomic experiences. We savored the flavors of local cuisine, with fresh seafood and authentic delicacies.

But driving wasn't the only thing that kept us on the move! We hosted incredible entertainments, laughed heartily, and created unforgettable memories.


Istria Drive vol. 1

Istria Drive - we delivered as promised - top-notch supercars, flavors that linger forever, and networking that leads towards it. We always select the finest gastronomic destinations to awaken all the senses at our event. We knew that details were needed for this - content that would satisfy each of our guests personally.


Trajbar Familiy Day
The family day in Trajbar, on September 4th this year, showed us that supercars are mostly one smaller part of much bigger picture. At the same time, it was much more demanding to organize an event that will satisfy not just drivers but their families and children too. That´s why we came up with the following recipe:
While parents enjoyed gastronomy, meeting old and making new friends and like-minded people, we understood we have to organize fun games and meeting mythical heroes for children.
Or – while parents enjoyed dessert, say rum and cigars, we decided to teach children how to ride real horses, not just those under the hoods of their parents´ supercars. 
Each moment counts – that was our mantra. So, we added a violin, saxophone, DJ, prize winning game and few other details – for whole that time, we just wanted to organize a perfect family day. 
All together, we imagined Trajbar event as the best announcement for the event we´re organizing in Istria, from September 30th to October 2nd. There, only rare will find rare…
Dalmatia Drive vol. 1

June 12, 2022, was the day when we organized the event and visited Dalmatia, the place where Croatian cultural identity began. For instance, in Zadar, we discovered a history that dates back over 3 thousand years. In contrast to Slavonia, several Porsches joined us in Zadar.


Na putu prema nezaboravnom eventu, 19. ožujka 2022. smo opet vozili zlatnom ravnicom, nekad nepreglednom plavom morskom pučinom. Ovog puta smo poseban naglasak stavili na dvorac Kutjevo, vinariju Galić i majstorku palicu chefa Gorana Kočiša.

Slavonia Drive vol. 2

On the way to the unforgettable event on March 19, 2022, we once again drove through the golden plains, once an endless blue sea. This time, we placed a special emphasis on Kutjevo Castle, the Galić Winery, and the culinary mastery of Chef Goran Kočiš.


Put drugog eventa nas je 20. studenog 2022. odveo u Slavoniju. Začuli smo odjek tradicije, zamislili zlato na horizontu i osjetili uživanje u čarima prošlih vremena. Vrhunska hrana, piće, glazba i društvo su već postali tradicija.
Slavonia Drive vol. 1
The journey of the second event took us to Slavonia on November 20, 2022. We heard the echo of tradition, envisioned gold on the horizon, and felt the joy in the charms of bygone times. Top-notch food, drinks, music, and company have already become a tradition.
Riverside Golf & Country

Our first event took place on October 3, 2021, at Riverside Golf & Country in Zagreb. We gathered numerous Audi RS and R8 car drivers and provided them with excellent company, music, gastronomy, and cocktails. Guests had the opportunity to see the Le Mans winner, Audi R18 e-tron quattro, and Audi's Formula E model.

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